Monday, April 30, 2007

Just A Reminder


So Feist's new record, The Reminder, finally hits stores (physical and digital) today. Last week I featured her song "My Moon My Man" twice on the Knuckles McGregor podcast , so I figured I might as well throw the absolutely drunk Boyz Noise remix up for grabs. If you don't love the deep synth'd out vocoder intro, then swallow a handful of Mitsubishi pressed E-bombs and let the serotonin leak freely.

But first things first, if you haven't seen the videos for "1,2,3,4" and "My Moon My Man" do yourself a favor and scroll down. After watching you will have the strange urge start wearing multi-colored spandex leotards and recreating the synchronized choreography of "1,2,3,4" at slumber parties (post pizza, pre-pillow fight). You may notice a common theme among the videos, Feist sure loves dancing (Broadway?). Did I mention that I have a large (and growing) crush on Mrs. Leslie Feist?

The Reminder is also on sale at Amazon for a mind blowing $7.99.

Coincidently, while writing this post, STV SLV from THE HOOD INTERNET hit me up notifing me about a brand new Feist vs. Lloyd mash up they just posted. These guys are on fire, so of course, I had to throw it in in the mix. Feist vs. Lloyd- My Moon My Shawty

If you enjoy Ms. Feist's sweet voice, you may be interested in these tracks she cut with Norway's version of Simon & Garfunkel, the Kings of Convenience. Feist and K.o.C have collaborated alot in the past, both in the studio and on tour, and this live in-studio performance from KEXP in Seattle is a fine example of the lush, tranquil sounds they create together. "Know How," "Live Long" and "The Build Up" are Kings of Convenience songs, while "The Water" and "Mushaboom" are both off Feist's 2003 album, Let it Die.

Kings of Convenience w/ Feist- Know How
Kings of Convenience w/ Feist- Live Long
Feist w/ Kings of Convenience- The Water
Feist w/ Kings of Convenience- Mushaboom
Kings of Convenience & Feist- The Build Up
Feist- My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix)


"My Moon My Man"

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