Tuesday, May 27, 2008

we saw: Ra Ra Riot

"I Will Wait There For You"
(Photo by Kyle Dean Reinford)
Ra Ra Riot played a free show at 70 Greene St last Thursday. The party was a bizarre mix of wine tasting, art battle and guerilla rock show. Of course, this combination (and the free vino) lends itself to maximum enjoyment. While seeing Ra Ra earlier this Spring at Maxwell's was quite a treat, the 70 Greene show felt more like a college basement show with keg beer, pogo'ing and lots of sweat. It was obvious Ra Ra Riot has experience playing this type of show, as their enthusiasm and all-over-the-place stage (floor) presence had 70 Greene St boiling hot. All in all, a really sweet and fun night. Did I mention free? Gotta love NYC.


Anonymous said...

He shouldn't have gotten that hair cut this weekend.

E said...

even better then a free ra ra riot show? not getting arrested