Tuesday, May 6, 2008

we saw: The Acorn

"The Rhythm Of The Landscape That Is Breathing"
Early Sunday evening I hit up Williamsburg's finest (only) record store/bar, the Sound Fix, for a dinner time set by The Acorn complete with good tunes and FREE PBR! On a scale of one to ten this pairing is a 10 with a few exclamation points. And like multi-instrumentalist Shaun Weadick pointed out, "nothing is finer than playing to the sound of free PBR's cracking." Agreed.

The super chill, yet utterly tight set kicked off with Glory Hope Mountain ballad "Flood Pt. 2," which set the tone for the evening. Like Bon Iver's set a few months back at the Sound Fix, the peaceful cafe like atmosphere of the Sound Fix Lounge compliments The Acorn's sound quite well; mellow, yet vivid, subtle but powerful. Sitting in one of the pews, I couldn't help but feel like I was chilling on a friend's couch. Needless to say, everyone felt right at home. So much so that the band treated the audience to a rare performance of "Plateau Ramble," a song much to quiet to played in noisy clubs. The homeyness of the Sound Fix really gives way to treats like these, just as it did Bon Iver's "Re: Stacks", a song that he never plays because it's oh so soft.

Flood Pt. 2
Crooked Legs
Hold Your Breath
Oh Napolean
Plateau Ramble
Low Gravity
Flood Pt.1

If you've yet to catch them during their four night stay in New York, tonight is your last chance. And like the last time we saw the band at the Mercury Lounge, this lineup is no slouch; Papertrigger, The Acorn, Love as Laughter, and the Cave Singers. Definitely worth your $10.

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Clifford said...

Marc Guy has been bugging me about this band, I am going to see them tonight at Mercury.

- John Dura's Clone