Friday, May 2, 2008

new member: Deerhunter

"You're a mystical child"
As usual, lots of activity on the deerhunter/atlas sound/lotus plaza blog, but this time it's not just Bradford posting some sweet, gauzy bedroom jams. This time, it's big news...or a month late April fools joke. So, without further adieu, Deerhunter would like to announce their new guitarist. Her name is Whitney and she rocks a pretty sweet looking mother of pearl Jaguar. As for the details, here's what Bradford had to say "I've known Whitney since she was a cheerleader with a bad attitude at Marietta High School." That's it. Bradford had Whitney introduce herself with a micromix, which I'm pretty excited about, as it contains two of my all time favorite songs, off two of my favorite albums, from two of my favorite artists. The songs in question, Bob Dylan's "Isis" from Desire and Springsteen's "Atlantic City" from the masterful Nebraska. If this mix is any indicator, Whitney's got pretty good taste in the classics, with the Stones ("Moonlight Mile"), The Faces ("Oh La La"), Bowie ("Aladdin Sane"), and Patti Smith ("Rock and Roll Nigger") each making an appearance. Looking forward to seeing what this chicks got up her sleeve. Godspeed Whitney.

Whitney's MicroMix

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