Thursday, May 29, 2008

hot: James Pants

"Why You Trippin' On Me, You Know I'm Trying To Build A Church"
Everyone I know is obsessed with Stones Throw artist James Pants. For the last month or two I've had all my good friends/music chatters screaming "We're Through" in my ear. He did a hot mix for the increasingly killer Stones Throw podcast and recently dropped his debut LP, Welcome, which is about as close to a summer barn burner as can be. Sometimes it reminds me of Muscles, but with a certain amount of grime that can only come from Smokane, Washington. Farting bass synth melodies, ass shaking poly-rhythms and just a touch of cow bell, this shit is a sure fire party starter. Plus there are so many squiggling synths it's practically overwhelming, in an "oh shit I did too many key bumps of Molly" way. Lots of goodies below. Call your dealer asap.

James Pants- Ka$h (direct link)
Music From The Forest mixed by James Pants for the Stones Throw Podcast (direct link)

James Pants Goes Record Shopping

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