Sunday, May 18, 2008

sunday morning music: Lau Nau

This weeks edition of Sunday Morning Music comes to us from an especially magical artist from Finland, Lau Nau. Lau Nau has been getting alot of press lately, so much so that Google Reader informs me there have been 6 posts via various blogs and sites in the past week (and one from 2005 by WFMU, proving once again that the NJ free-form radio masterminds are wayyyy ahead of the curve). Since being bombarded with Lau Nau tracks all week, I knew Sunday Morning Music would be the perfect place to show off her floating dreamscapes. Highly rec'd for fans of Animal Collective's softer side, White Rainbow, Eno, etc.

Lau Nau- Lue Kartalta
Lau Nau- Painovoima, Valoa

Lau Nau "Painovoima, Valoa"

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lefreak! said...

big up, jerz!!!!!!
thnks for great music!