Tuesday, May 20, 2008

we saw: Bishop Allen

"I met a kid in Brooklyn and he pointed at the sky / he had liquor on his breath and he had fire in his eye"
From the first day I listened to Bishop Allen I decided I HAD to see them live. Problem was I was living in Charleston, SC and was very very poor. Another problem was that Bishop Allen tours are infrequent at best. So when they announced in January they'd be playing the Music Hall of Williamsburg, I saved the date and hit up Ticketbastard at 10:00am (you would have thought I was trying to get tickets to Phish or The Boss). The show did eventually sell out, although not until the last minute.

With my expectations teetering on psychopathic I decided to settle my nerves with booze. Luckily, Bishop Allen took the stage before my "settling" got out of hand. After the first guitar notes I had relaxed. I was there. Finally seeing Bishop Allen. My only complaint was they didn't play long enough.

Empire City
The Monitor
Like Castanets
The Light of the Lost
Quarter to Three
Middle Management
Choose Again
The News from Your Bed
Click Click Click Click
Busted Heart
Flight 180
The Same Fire

Butterfly Nets
Friday Out of My Mind [new song; tentative title]
Things Are What You Make of Them

To listen to a simulated setlist from the show click HERE

To listen to a Muxtape made up of the best of the EP Project click HERE
("Central Booking" goes out to JRGiles)

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