Thursday, May 1, 2008

new: Silver Jews

David Berman has written hundreds of hilarious, oddly poetic, absolutely brilliant lyrics in his day. But a few from "Candy Jail" on the upcoming Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea are really doing it for me this morning. Like this little nugget of sugary goodness.

'Life in a candy jail/ peppermint bars, peanut brittle bunk beds and marshmellow walls...Jelly beans and cookie dough/ Country western on the radio."

Yeah, I like that. Six more weeks until Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea hits stores nationwide. Godbless you Mr. Berman and your corduroy suit.

Silver Jews- Candy Jail

"BLack and Brown Blues" Live in Asheville, NC


Chaakles said...

that album art is OFF THE HOOK

Anonymous said...

so is the album itself!