Thursday, May 8, 2008

new: Soulja Boy

We've made it somewhat of a mantra here at the Bobka not to diss artists and get caught up in the blog flaming wars, but when it comes to Soulja Boy, we can't help but make exceptions. If "Crank Dat" wasn't the worst thing you'd ever heard in your life (and it was pretty fucking close at the time), well the retarded teenage rapper is back to prove he can one up himself in the "Are you fucking kidding me?" department. Seriously, this is probably the worst song I've ever heard in my life. (Ed note: I'm 24 going on 25). Not only is the beat GarageBand formulated, but the rhymes are so painful I'm actually thinking about reviving my career as a backyard cypher freestylist and trying to sell myself to Interscope. Hey, Jimmy Iovine, please stop geting high on your own farts. If you weren't already 120% positive that the major-label recording industry was deader than George Washington, this YouTube clip will certainly prove it. God help our souls. Thanks to Idolator for the heads up (I guess).

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