Tuesday, May 13, 2008

post-hype: Lykke Li Pt. 2

"Words Can Never Make Up For What You Do"
It's been a long while since we've posted anything by The Hood Internet, but after spending a pollen coated spring week with their Lykke Li remix EP, it was inevitable. Let's face it, the Hood Internet are practically a novelty act (notice I said practically) and their schtick of "cutting, copying, pasting" plays just right for irony eating hipsters. However, in the year since their public debut, the duo has truly mastered the cut and paste mash-up. While not always technically amazing, what the duo lacks in 'actual talent' (whatever that means) they surely make up for with their ears. They hear subtle rhythms neglected by casual listeners and transform them into abstract, yet utterly familiar beats. OK, maybe their familiar because they're songs we know and love. True.

These guys aren't exactly crushing the production tip, but they do an impeccable job glossing up Lykke Li's "Dance, Dance Dance," and transforming it from a minimalist busker tune/street song into a mellow ass four-on-the-floor (still minimalist) bedroom rocker. It'd be just as good on the dance floor, but the sax riffs and the rising pulse make this one especially sack worthy. And if your hearts still beating after a round of with Lykke Li and The Field, then your bound to get your rocks off during round two with Lykke Li and Gui Boratto.

"Beauty Flies" (aka Lykke Li vs. Gui Boratto) really pushes the oncoming synths over Lykke's soothing, yet fragile vocal. Together they roll like waves of synthetic joy pulling you out into the ocean. So when the effected snare comes in and starts taking you back to shore, it's almost bittersweet, especially the way Lykke's melancholy vocal subdues the early stages of "Beautiful Life." Of course, the Hood dudes know better than to leave it all serious and sad without the party, and so Lykke's vocal comes to an end and Gui's "Beautiful Life" synth riff arrives in all its Sao Paulo glory to remind you that the sun never truly sets.

So basically, what I'm getting at is that The Hood Internet are really good at taking two already awesome songs and making them a uniquely new and sweet song totally different from its predecessors. Oh, and Kompakt rules. (Sweden too).

Lykke Li vs. The Hood Internet EP

Lykke Li vs. The Field- Dance, Dance, Dance In My Face (Hood Internet Remix)

Lykke Li vs. Gui Boratto- Beauty Flies (Hood Internet Remix)

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