Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mp3: Taken by Trees remixed by Air France


Since GvB and Marc Hogan have been going back and forth about the new Taken By Trees record, I've found myself increasingly longing for a mid-afternoon nap at the beach with Victoria Bergsman. That is, until I found out that her new album, recorded in Iran, was produced by one-half of Swedish baelric disco duo Studio! Luckily there are a few pristine seaside jams to be had, including The Tough Alliance's still banging two-year-later "Taken Too Young" and "The Sweetness of Air France," a remix by, you guessed it, Air France, which appeared as the b-side on Victoria's "Sweetness" 7-inch single. If, like me, you really can't wait to see what Victoria conjured up for Taken By Trees sophomore release, hopefully this will hold you over.

Also, anybody got a copy of this they'd like to share?

Taken By Trees- Sweetness
Taken By Trees- The Sweetness of Air France


Gorillan said...

You should check out The Crêpes = Lissvik/Lindson...

Lacuna said...

The album was recorded in Pakistan not Iran. http://www.takenbytrees.com/