Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mp3: Javelin "Tell Me What It Will Be?(Take Two)"


After weeks of sticky, stanky July weather in Brooklyn, it seems like Mother Nature has reverted to the bygone days of June; cold and wet. That said, no surprise that this morning's music selections included the new Cass McCombs, a few Girls ballads and some Marissa Nadler for extra weariness. Then I dragged and dropped a bunch of freshly downloaded tracks into my iTunes and Javelin's "Tell Me What Will It Be? (Take Two)" came on. I lost my shit.

All of the sudden, it's hot again! Some friends just came over with three five-pound bags of ice, a blender and a bottle of the most vial looking tequila I've ever laid eyes on. We start hauling beach chairs up to the roof. Extension cords are thrown like grappling hooks from balconies, securing power for beats as we get wasted and let the sun drown out hopeless existence. After all, it's fucking summer and this is a fucking jam, so why bother thinking about anything else? Big ups to Matt from Flux Blog for flipping my shit this afternoon.

Javelin- Tell Me What Will It Be? (Take Two)


nickc said...

nice groove. Vial Tequila!

Sam said...

Javelin is the best! They have MANY songs. This song and Intervales Theme are some of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

it was crazy... and we were there!