Wednesday, July 8, 2009

mp3: Abner Jay "I Wanna Job"

"I Can't Get No Job Cause They Say I'm No Good"
"I don't wanna fuss nor fight, all I want is a job, I'll work day and night...Lord knows all I want is a J-O-B, a dog gone, good cotton picking job!" Abner Jay howls on this unrelenting, unapologetic plea to employers.

Abner Jay, a Georgia-bred one-man band, sums up the frustrations, pain and discouraging nature of trying to find work on "I Wanna Job," which kicks off Yeti 7's phenomenal companion disc. (Highly, highly recommended. Buy it now. Seriously. Do it.) Jay's tune is the ultimate unemployment ballad, as affecting and appropriate now as it was during the Civil Rights era.

In line with the song, anybody got any work for me? Ha. But, seriously.

Abner Jay- I Wanna Job

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Unknown said...

A job is death without dignity.

-Dylan Thomas