Monday, July 6, 2009

video: new Girls "Ghostmouth"

"And Get To Heaven"

In my excitement that Bill captured Girls covering Vivian Girls "Wild Eyes" at Cake Shop the night after they played it at Monster Island, I failed to notice that he also shot video of Girls performing "Ghostmouth," a new personal fav in the Girls repertoire. "Ghostmouth" is a woozy, narcotic ballad similar to "Solitude," but slightly more hopeful, as Christopher Owens pines over a chance to pick up all the pieces and head toward salvation. I should also note that Girls 10" should be available for purchase today, although I've yet to see where. (True Panther? Matador? Bueller?)

BTW, if you don't follow SoundBites on YouTube, now may be the time to rectify that situation, as Bill has been consistently posting video of the some pretty fresh acts.

Girls "Ghostmouth" at Cake Shop

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