Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mp3: Fluffy Lumber's "Cruisers"

"When I was Fourteen"
When I was fourteen I didn't watch the cruisers fly up and down the street. Instead, I mowed the lawn. It was my "job." That is, until my Dad decided that he didn't think our front lawn should have a mohawk. I was not a talented landscaper. Fluffy Lumber's, aka Samuel Franklin, on the other hand, certainly knows how to sculpt. While his talent may not be in the yard, it surely is in the bedroom, or basement, where I imagine many of the the Fluffy Lumber's songs were crafted, presumably over Ecto-Cooler, Fun Dip and stolen cigarettes. Another gem from the Ridgewood crew, who seem to be as prolific as Ryan Adams when he was doing a lot of junk and banging tons of second rate Hollywood starlets.

Fluffy Lumbers have a 4-song 7" which may or may not have come out already on Weird Hug. Regardless, keep your eyes peeled.

Fluffy Lumbers- Cruisers

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OldDankBeard said...

When I was thirteen, I listened to a little band called the Grateful Dead.