Monday, July 27, 2009

mp3: The Fresh & Onlys "Peacock & Wing"

"Smile For A While"
If you've seen a young man schizo-dance-walking down Nassau Ave every morning for the last week or two, there is a good chance said young gentleman is been listening to the Fresh & Onlys "Peacock & Wing." Opening like a New Order track shot through 20 years of dirty needles and falling in love with every cute girl on the subway, "Peacock & Wing" is the snuff tobacco of the melodic garage revival. It's dirty and sweet, pungent and makes your face rattle like bobblehead addicted to benzedrine. "You should really be my fresh and only, you got a smile on your face that I can always see only."

The Fresh & Onlys- Peacock & Wing

"Peacock & Wing" Live at the Market Hotel shot by Bill.

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derek helton said...

fuck. and yes. you guys have given me so much good music and like a radio station from 1959 the hits just keep on coming