Monday, July 14, 2008

we saw: Amazing Baby

"I Can't Seem To Understand"

Hit up Music Hall of Williamsburg last night for the free post-Breeders Pool Party After Show featuring Amazing Baby and the Mobius Band. While the Mobius Band is a long time Bobka like, Amazing Baby only recently appeared on our radar after Bill at Sound Bites sung their praise a few months ago. Still in their infancy (played their first show 5/10/08), Amazing Baby have a sound that is way epic in a Bowie meets Pantera way. The bands psychedelic prog is fueled by schizophrenic sound manipulations, over indulgent/sex'd up lyrics and absolutely monstrous guitar riffs. Seriously, you gotta see these guys just to watch their lead guitar player, who is the quintessential Metal axe slayer, coax a violently angelic wall of rhythmic noise from his Gibson. We only caught the last few songs from Amazing Baby but the head bursting "Pump Your Brakes" was ill and set closer "The Narw hal" was definitely a climactic, hedonistic way to end (from what I saw) a damn good rock show. Cathartic in all the right ways. "Supreme Being" and "Head Dress" are also pretty unstoppable, and available for free download on their MySpace. You can also snag "Pump Your Brakes" courtesy of the Fader.

Amazing Baby- The Narw Hal

Amazing Baby- Pump Your Breaks

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