Monday, July 21, 2008

Pitchfork Day 2: The Ruby Suns

"When I Wake Up I Get The Morning Sun"
After chilling out with the Fleet Foxes, we roamed over to the B-stage for KiWi-via-Cali summer melody makers The Ruby Suns. With El Guncho's set nixed, I knew we had to catch The Ruby Suns, who play a similar sort of island oriented, sample based dance pop. While their sound was a bit muddy, the group (a mere two-some) served up Sea Lion gems like "Tane Mahuta", the second part of "Morning Sun" and "Oh, Mojave." I think we might've gotten "Kenya Dig It?", but my memory is a bit shot. Not gonna lie, Sea Lion seems to get better and better as the summer gets hotter.

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