Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pitchfork Day 2: Animal Collective

"Your Only All I See Sometimes"
What can I say about Animal Collective that hasn't already been said? Nothing. They absolutely destroyed Union Park on Saturday night. Anyone who was there will say the same thing. It was just outerwordly, like a space ship landed and we all willing got the anal probe....and it was good. Strawberry Jams like "Peacebone" and "Fireworks" were highlights, as was Panda Bear's "Comfy in Nautica", but the real madness came down on some of the new stuff. Not sure about exact names, but this bootleg from a May concert in Lisbon has a few of the new songs and they should not/will not be ignored. I can't recommend this live set enough. And now, for the next few weeks, I shall only think about two things: more Animal Collective and Radiohead. It's so on at All Points West. {Ed Note: GVB has some sick video of AC performing new jam "Lion In A Coma" from Pitchfork. Yes, you should check it out asap.)

Animal Collective 5-28-08 Lisbon, Portugal
01- The Dancer
02- Daily Routine
03- House (Material Things)
04- Lion In A Coma (new song)
05- Peacebone
06- Fireworks > Essplode > Fireworks
07- Walk Alone With You
08- Leaf House
09- Chocolate Girl (new song)
10- Comfy In Nautica
11- Brother Sport / Encore
12- Who Could Win A Rabbit?
13- Grass

Animal Collective "Peacebone" at Pitchfork

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