Tuesday, July 8, 2008

we love: The Dodos

"We can do this on our own..."

Shame on the Bobka for not mentioning them earlier, but we just can't get enough of S.F. duo The Dodos. After having originally listened to their album, Visiter, a few months ago (without properly paying attention), I gave it another spin last week and haven't really stopped, sometimes listening to it thrice a day. And while at this pace I'll no doubt burn out on it too quickly, (hellloooo Yankee Hotel Foxtrot), I just can't help myself. The music itself, which combines pop melodies, furious percussion, and the occasional full band presence, will no doubt fall into the sadly broad "freak folk" category, so I propose we coin the term "fuck folk", as this album sounds like what I imagine having sex with folk music feels like. Who's with me? No one? Ok, bad idea.

Here's the first single off the album, "Fools", live on NPR. Totally killer.

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