Thursday, July 31, 2008

remixes: The Rosebuds

"I Know, It's Late"
I've been meaning to post these since early May but now that The Rosebuds have penciled in an October 7th release for their latest, Life Like, it seems like an appropriate time. Even more appropriate considering the album was co-produced by Portastatic’s Matthew McCaughan and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, who each contribute remixes to Sweet Beats, Troubled Sleep (Night of the Furies Remixed) . Matt's remix of "Silence By The Lakeside" is a mellow trip down bossanova lane, while Justin transforms "Get Up, Get Out" from an uptempo nu-disco cut into a slow burner complete with all the aching falsetto harmonies you'd expect from the man who crafted the insanely beautiful For Emma, Forever Ago. For those of you who forgot, Justin used to play in The Rosebuds, and also convinced them that they could record Night of the Furies by themselves. (Oh yeah, and we first discovered Bon Iver at the Rosebuds/Brooklyn Vegan showcase day 1 of CMJ 2007. Quite the family gig.)

Download Sweet Beats, Troubled Sleep (Night of the Furies Remixed) for FREE!

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