Monday, July 21, 2008

Pitchfork Day 2: Fleet Foxes

"What A Life I Lead"
(This Great Photo was taken by Kristiecat)
After Caribou it was time to get down on another set of Fleet Foxes. After seeing them in two small (Bowery Ballroom and Union Hall, respectively) venues, I figured this afternoon slot on the main stage at a sort-of large festival wouldn't be the Foxes best. I wasn't wrong, but I wasn't right either. After a few sketchy tech problems that made it sound like Fuck Buttons were playing alongside them, the Foxes settled into their unique brand of baroque sylvan pop. Harmonies were high and tight, which Dizzee Rascal's crew didn't appreciate (they were heckling from their trailer). While the band doesn't play potent festi rock, as say Boris or !!!, the swelling audience didn't seem to have a problem getting entranced by the Northwestern boys with the pipes of gold. Be sure to catch them at an intimate club show while you still can.

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