Thursday, July 10, 2008

the return: RANA

Already the biggest rock news of the year, NJ pseudo-cult-rockers RANA have gotten back together after unofficially breaking up nearly two years ago. The news broke late this afternoon with the announcement that RANA would play middle bill this Friday night at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY with mates Sam Champion and The Duo. A future NYC show was also part of the announcement.

In an email to the RANA listserv, Rana (and Sam Champion) drummer Ryan Thornton announced, "It is true. Albany anyone? We hit the stage at 9:00. Look for a New York City show mid August. Yes! -Ryan ." Their MySpace page merely reads:
"Four friends from New Jersey. Been all over the country together. Rana loves music, loves to play. What the hell."
In honor of RANA's Return, I share some killer tracks that cover some of the many faces of RANA, and one song that does it all: "I Waste It."

pop: RANA - Charm Bracelet [from What It Is]
hard-psych-rock: RANA - It's So Hard (Believe Me) [LIVE]
alt-country: RANA - Backstabbing World [from What It Is]
RANA - I Waste It [from 2005 RANA Sampler]

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