Sunday, August 17, 2008

we saw: Wilco

"Its Hot In The Poor Places Tonight"
(Photo by Mystic Childz)
The Wilco show at McCarren Pool on Wednesday was a prime example of a band maturing, aging with grace and being 'total pro's.' Not only was the venerable machine well oiled, but the band, more powerful than ever, delivers a genuine rock and roll show without any of the pretense often associated with indie rock (and Brooklyn). Of course, comedian Jeff Tweedy got into the mix, asking "Are you all too cool to clap?! Would it be better if we add the "Love Will Tear Us Apart" drum beat to it?!" The audience took the jab as best it could, and turned the standard crowd clap to new levels, adding a second beat and turning the whole thing on its side. Then Tweedy called us a bunch of "free thinkers." It was funny, but some people didn't take it in stride. Regardless, the sold out show delivered American rock and roll of the highest quality, especially during rhythmic machine that is "Spiders (Kidsmoke)" (which featured the clapping), and the triple guitar assault on Sky Blue Sky rocker "Impossible Germany." Twas also great to hear a couple off the criminally under rated Summerteeth and to finally hear Glenn tear up "Heavy Metal Drummer" (picture below). Check out a great video of "Poor Places" from the McCarren Pool show below.

Wilco 8/13/08 McCarren Pool, Brooklyn, NY
Via Chicago
Blood of the lamb (w/ clarinet)
You are my face
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
A shot in the arm
Side with the seeds
Far far away
Impossible Germany
Pieholden suite (w/ total pros)
California stars (w/ total pros)
Handshake drugs
Pot kettle black
Poor places >
Spiders (kidsmoke)

encore 1
Jesus, etc.
Can't stand it (w/ total pros)
Hate it here (w/ total pros)
Walken (w/ total pros)
I'm the man who loves you (w/ total pros)

encore 2
Heavy metal drummer
Late greats (w/ total pros)
Kingpin (w/ total pros)
Monday (w/ total pros)
Outtasite (w/ total pros)
I'm a wheel

"Poor Places" Live at McCarren Pool, 8/13/08

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