Tuesday, August 26, 2008

tonite: Harlem

"Psychedelic Tits... They Are The Color Of A Rainbow"

Harlem is playing the Charleston on Bedford Ave tonight. Got turned on to them two weeks ago when GvB posted the explosive garage joint "South of France," which has been on high Subway headbang rotation ever since. "South of France" is really irresistible as it is exactly what I'd want to be listening to if I was driving in the South of France and not blasting ABBA. Really don't know anything about these guys except they have one of the most entertaining MySpace pages I've ever seen, not to mention killer song names ("Psychedelic Tits", "I'm On Drugs", in particular). Oh yeah, their album is called free drugs;-). If your not gonna make it to the Charleston (pizza+beer, mmm), you can grab free drugs;-) on vinyl (or cd) HERE.

Harlem- South of France (courtesy of GorillaVsBear)

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