Wednesday, August 6, 2008

morning music: Jeff Hanson

"They Won't Ever Follow You"

Certain music just sounds better when the sun first bursts through the morning haze, like some cosmic score to the breaking dawn. Jeff Hanson is one of those special artists who crafts songs so intrinsically beautiful that they feel as home in the Brooklyn morning, as they do at 3 a.m. when all you can see is the radiant glow of the Citi Group building off in distant Long Island City. His latest offering, Madam Owl, is a majestic piece of baroque folk that cements Hanson's voice as one of the most unique in the pop cannon. Upon first listen you'll wonder, "who is the female vocalist?" Well, it's Jeff, whose voice is as smooth and pure as Joni's in her youth and as powerful as (former) Kill Rock Stars label mate Elliott Smith. Beautiful pop songs, sung in an absolutely mesmerizing voice that transcends space and time, so that everything is at a stand still, as if the world has vanished and all we are left with is reflections on the past.

Jeff Hanson- Night
Jeff Hanson- Your Only Say

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