Thursday, August 21, 2008

we saw: Passion Pit & Sammy Bananas

"As Far As I Can Tell Everything Will Be Swell"
(Photo by Hooves on the Turf)

Last night we hit up Passion Pit's second show at Piano's, part of their Wednesday night residency at the L.E.S club. Despite playing for only an hour (maybe even less), and not having that much material to choose from, the Cambridge synthesized quintet brought the heat, as evidenced by my sweat soaked T-Shirt and glistening jew-fro. If you've heard just :30 of "Sleepyhead" you'd expect Passion Pit would have no problem getting the kids to throw their hands up, and you'd be right. When we arrived at 9:30 the show was already sold out, so Bill's hyperbole wasn't so much exaggerated as it was accurate, which I guess makes it the exact opposite of hyperbole. Needless to say, Piano's was sardine can tight and hotter than a Bikram yoga session on Khao San Road Bangkok (hyperbole), but that only made the booty grindin and disco finger pointing that much more fun. Obvious highlights were "I've Got Your Number", which features the ultra falsetto'd lyric "Have You Seen Me Cry Tears Like Diamonds" and "Sleepyhead", which effectively scorched the crowd with good vibes, although it was way too short for its own good.

While Passion Pit got the dance party started, things really heated up when the crowd cleared out and Fool's Gold crew member Sammy Bananas took to the decks. Dude spun a super funky set featuring the likes of Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Kid Sister and, the still badass two years later, Kelis "Bossy" remix by Alan Braxe (Will this song ever get old?), while projecting Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain, one of the weirdest, most puzzling films I've ever seen, on the stage screen. Just think Christ-like figures pooping in glass bowls and people marching through the streets carrying skinned chickens. Yeah, it was weird...but really sweet considering there were only about 8 of us left in the Show Room, meaning we basically had our own private dance party, curated by Mr. Bananas. If you had fun and want to go back next week, definitely by tickets in advance. It's easy and you won't be disappointed.

Passion Pit- I've Got Your Number
Passion Pit- Sleepy Head
Sammy Bananas- Summer of Sam Mix


bill p said...

Here that, BV commentors? I was "accurate"!

McG said...

Totally accurate. A friend popped by at 8:30 and it was already sold out. No walk ups.

IreneFace said...

8 person dance party - FTW!
It was nice meeting you!