Wednesday, August 13, 2008

we saw: Hercules & Love Affair

"You Belong To Him Tonight"

Friday night was truly epic. Radiohead's juggernaut of a live show made my legs so weary that all I could do to make it to Hercules & Love Affair was to take a nap on the light rail platform. (And another nap in the cab across town). But we are young and the young shall dance, so when we arrived in front of the Fillmore (still weird that its not Irving Plaza) we were injected with a few hours worth of second, third and fourth winds.

We arrived just past midnight, and probably missed the first 10-15 minutes of H&LA's show, but it didn't matter, the party was in full swing and the hyper-sexual gay club disco had the old IP feeling a lot more like 54 or Tunnel, or one of those obscenely hedonistic dance clubs of old that people like to reference. Moustached men in short, short shorts maneuvered the dance floor as if they were extras in the roller disco musical Xanadu, while drag queen supreme Nomi dominated the stage, all eyes on her. The band, which included a full horn section and a half nude male "Vogue" dancing all night, was so tight that the songs literally moved into and out of each other, as if they were having sex and each transition lead to a new disco-beast of an offspring. "Athene" and "You Belong" were full of sleek body shaking goodness, while the unstoppable crowd could have brought the balcony down during "Blind." For me, the unreachably high highlights were H&LA's cover of "Don't Fear The Reaper", the "my secret love of a man" jam "You Raise Me Up" and the encore, and house rattler, "Hercules Theme." It's nights like this, and acts like Hercules & Love Affair, that often make me dream of being a young gay male during the height of the cocaine fueled NYC disco years of yore.

Hercules & Love Affair- Don't Fear The Reaper (Live at Irving Plaza)
(Courtesy of The Sound of Indie)

"Blind" Live @ Studio B (R.I.P.)

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