Monday, August 25, 2008

We saw: Titus Andronic, Yo La Tengo...Last Pool Party

"And The Summer Comes Undone"
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Yesterday couldn't have been a better Pool Party. Not only was the weather absolutely impeccable but NJ All Stars (veterans) Yo La Tengo and (rookies) Titus Andronicus brought the sonic heat. Titus was on second, after the horrible Ebony Bones, and tore threw a set of distortion driven, reverb drenched songs that felt more like a call to arms than a rock concert. No surprise considering The Airing Of Grievances is delivered with a sense of urgency that feels more like a desperate plea for life than cry for help. The songs are immediate, biting, caustic and catchy. I really haven't mentioned them on here, although I probably should be considering I own all of their recorded material on vinyl and have spent a good portion of 2K8 freaking out on subways whilst listening to The Airing of Grievances. Head over to Troubleman Unlimited to grab their limited edition vinyl LP before its sold out forever.

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If Titus Andronicus didn't blow out your ear drums, then Yo La Tengo were determined to. The NJ vets played an extremely feedback driven set (even for them) that was full of sonic excursions powerful enough to send waves of electricity down your spine. Ira was on. James held down some of the grooviest bass lines I've ever heard (Period.) Georgia coo'd and looked sweet with a guitar. Like Wilco at the Pool a week ago, Yo La rock like serious veterans, a well oiled machine of a band who know each other inside and out, so that seemingly free-form sonic freakouts don't sound as much like experiments in improvisation, but highly constructed fits of noize capable of existing inside the song structure. If the pairing of Yo La and Titus wasn't good enough, the two joined each other on NJ punk pioneers The Misfits "Where Eagles Dare", a great way to end one of the best shows of the summer. Farewell Pool, maybe we'll visit you when you're filled with water. Or, maybe not.

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Yo La Tengo "Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Good Kind"

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