Tuesday, September 11, 2007

supergroup: American Babies

"Broken English keeps pushing us back to the start"

Before I get going there's a few things I'd like to clear up...

Pronunciation: 'sü-p&r-"grüp
Function: noun
: a rock group made up of prominent former members of other rock groups

Basically, if you've ever been in a band and found any level of success, by joining or starting another band with members with similar backgrounds you've automatically become a supergroup. I bet half the bands you listen to are supergroups and you might not even know it. With that aside, every member of American Babies has played in a band, well, a few bands, and, well, plenty of side-projects. By definition American Babies is a supergroup, but I will never again mention them as one.


Here's the skinny:

American Babies is:
Tom Hamilton (Brother's Past)
Scott Metzger (RANA)
Sir Joe Russo (Fat Mama, The Duo)
Jim Hamilton
Kevin Kendrick (Fat Mama)

[conversation between my 5-disc and American Babies CD]

5-Disc: Whoa. Where do you think you're going?
American Babies: In the cd player.
5-D: Your name?
AB: American Babies
5-D: Never heard of you. What's your genre?
AB: Alt country I guess. Americana perhaps.
5-D: Hmm. I've already got the new Ryan Adams cd. What do you sound like?
AB: Wistful, at times bluesy, and often rockin'. Why don't you see for yourself?

The above conversation took place 10 days ago....American Babies hasn't left my 5-Disc since.

American Babies, despite it's band size, has a very compact country sound. Their debut is excetional, and should pleasantly surprise any alt-country fans. "Invite Your Friends" is a super-solid track, opens the album, and in essence, introduces you to the band. American Babies is touring all month long, so check out their dates.

American Babies - Invite Your Friends

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Just saw these guys tonight (Sept 27th). Very impressed. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. They were solid and the songs were very nice. Go check em out.