Saturday, September 22, 2007

Starring: Chamillionaire and Chamillionaire

Peter Sellers did it. Mike Myers did it. Nowadays it seems everybody's doing it. From local television commercials to major motion pictures, the increased accesibility of low-budget visual effects has led us to an all-important question. Why be in a video when you can have five of you in a video?

In Chamillionaire's sassy double video for "Hip-Hop Police" and "The Evening News" (below) Cham and partner-in-crime Slick Rick play multiple characters, often confronting one another, eh, I mean, themselves. Judging by the song's lyrics, this concept is no stretch. The vereses were designed to play as conversations between policemen and the rappers.

For another take on this post-modern fad, check out Chromeo's video for "Rage" (below) off their 2004 debut, She's in Control. In this case, Chromeo's Dave-1 and P-Thugg are responsible for all the sounds and instruments on the track, so why not have them play all the intruments in the video?

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Anonymous said...

damn that Cham video is chronic.