Thursday, September 27, 2007

nu musick: the Flaming Lips

"Rainbows, Oh you Never Really Know"

The new The Flaming Lips track leaked and it's titled "I Was Zapped By the Lucky Super Rainbow." The song will fit nicely alongside other Lips gems like "Yoshimi Versus the Pink Robots", "Feeling Yourself Disintegrate", and their SpongeBob Squarepants classic "Spongebob & Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy." Needless to say, it's psychedelic.

And if you've never seen them live, please, plllllllease do yourself a favor and get on that. You won't need a handful of hallucinogenics but it can't hurt.

The Flaming Lips- I Was Struck By the Lucky Super Rainbow


Chaakles said...

oddly enough it's on the Good Luck Chuck sountrack, which, oddly enough, is apparantly a really good soundtrack

Anonymous said...

none of you boys are going to the Echo Festival in Atlanta, are you? I'm on the fence about it...