Monday, September 24, 2007

CMJ preview: Georgie James

"We Were Walking/ Back In My Evil Days"

NYC's CMJ Music Marathon kicks off in a few weeks and while we're still patiently waiting for an official schedule, a few dates have leaked and we couldn't be more excited. While the lineup is heavy on synthesizers and drum machines, there is still hope for boys and girls with guitars. One of the bands I'm most excited to catch is Georgie James. The Washington D.C. duo, which features former Q and Not U member John Davis, crafts rhythmically bouncy rock and roll of the best kind, soulful power pop. "Cake Parade" is like something off Rilo's More Adventurous. While "Need Your Needs" is a Rosebuds-y hand clap fueled groovy rocker that'll make you shake it even when you think you cannot possibly shake it anymore. Georige James will make you rattle your pig tails from side to side like a cold-war era adolescent. Sleepover jams indeed. Get ready for a pillowfight with Georgie James. Check them out 10/20 at the Mercury Lounge with Professor Murder and the Harlem Shakes, among others.

Georgie James- Need Your Needs
Georgie James- Cake Parade


chase said...

I'll try and swing by that set. I haven't listened to them much, but really one of the only bands I am planning on seeing is MGMT, so I could float on by Georgie James for sure

Linda said...

Thanks for writing this.

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