Sunday, June 22, 2008

we saw: Evangelicals

"Strange things keep happening..."

Something very strange went down at the Music Hall of Williamsburg the other night... the opening band upstaged the headliner. Or at least I thought so. The opening band was Evangelicals, an indie band from Oklahoma who looked like they just walked off a B-Movie set (or are just really into watching them, as you can see above). They're songs are something along the lines of the Cure melodies meets the Flaming Lips massive sounds, with more than a nod toward the latter's insanely energetic live shows and a penchant for celebrating the macabre; see "Skeleton Man" below, about a jilted lover who's insides burn up and all he can do is laugh. As a bonus, their new(ish) album, The Evening Descends, more than lives up to the live show (and they gave it to me on vinyl for free for working the merch table for a while!). Highly recommended for late night drives on the way to random parties in the middle of nowhere where you don't know a soul.

Evangelicals - Skeleton Man

Ed Note: If you don't believe the B-movie description, peep this video the band released a while back for single "Midnight Vignettes." Hunter's right on.

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