Sunday, June 1, 2008

sunday morning music: Renfro

"Sky Talks To You, Crowd Walks With You"
This weeks Sunday morning music comes to us via UK ambient pop duo Renfro. While the name conjures visions of former Hollywood bad boy and The Client, the music couldn't be further from Hollywood, instead choosing to come from a pre-historic ice cave or a foggy, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Mort said that Renfro "makes me want to eat pills and cover myself with blankets." He's right, their glitchy, found-sound, downtempo beats are wrapped in smooth vocal melodies that feel like they would feel at home in a post-surgery pill coma, or one of those weekends where your buddy comes over with a 'script of PK's and you can't muster the nerve to say no. Renfro will release Mathematics on June 16th, a must for anyone taking a mental trip to the Himalayan Mountains in the coming weeks. Give it a whirl.

Renfro- Capture
Renfro- Invite The Bullets In

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