Tuesday, June 24, 2008

remix: The Chap "They Have A Name" (Atlas Sound Remix)

"Hearthrob Hits The Ladies"

Blogger just did something really odd to these images after I uploaded them. Oddly enough, the bizarre manipulation couldn't be more appropriate for this post. Our friend Brooke has been peeping us to The Chap for a while and while I've enjoyed their macabre synth pop, it should be no surprise, that I'm really digging on Bradford Cox's remix of The Chap's "They Have A Name." As per usual, Cox takes the basic framework and trips it out with a series of noisy oscillations, jolting found sounds and other Atlas Sound goodness. It's gotten to the point where we might as well rename Chocolate Bobka, "The Totally Gay for Bradford Cox Blog." Bells and distortion, a combination for the ages.

The Chap- They Have A Name (Atlas Sound Remix)

The Chap- They Have A Name

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