Friday, June 13, 2008

new: Atlas Sound

It's been nearly two months since we posted anything by Deerhunter frontman/Atlas Sound craftsman Bradford Cox, which is the equivalent to five years for most artists. If you've been playing along, every so often Bradford releases a MicroMix or a Digital 7" or a homemade EP or whatever the fuck release he wants to put out via the Deerhunter/Atlas Sound/ Lotus Plaza blog. It happens quite often but regardless of Bradford's insane output, my heart always begins to flutter at the site of a new post on the Deerhunter blog (Yes, my life has reached that pathetic point where I get very excited about obscure blog only releases). Cox's new Amsterdam Midi digital 7" is another fine example of what one man can do in a hotel room with a laptop and midi controller. I'd like to think my stone-made compositions were this hypnotic, but they definitely don't compare with the looping transcendence Cox composed in an Amsterdam hotel. As always, highly rec'd.

P.S. The new Deerhunter album is... how do I say...ah yes... sick.
Atlas Sound- Amsterdam Midi Digital 7"

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