Friday, June 20, 2008

comp: Acid Dreams Epitaph- 75 minutes of Green Fuz

"Useless when you're hungry"

I've sung the praise of the Acid Dreams Epitaph- 75 Minutes of Green Fuz compilation before, but one can never have enough druggy garage rock in their life. Besides I'd be doing a great disservice to all readers if I didn't post The Regiment's "My Soap Won't Float" and Godfrey's "Let's Take A Trip." These songs are pretty self-reflective (and explanatory) but that doesn't take away from their lysergic charm. Seriously, how can you deny songs with lyrics like "chrome plated candy bars and plastic covered tangerines" and "a world of frogs and green fountains and flying dogs and silver cats and emerald rats and purple clouds." Let's take a trip, shall we.

Godfrey- Let's Take A Trip

The Regiment- My Soap Won't Float

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