Wednesday, March 23, 2011

mp3: Twerps "Self Assured"

Black Eyes

Over a year ago I posted a few stunningly melancholic pop tracks from Australia's Twerps. A year later and the group is in the US playing shows. Nice to see these things come together. Anyway, they've got a few 7-inches on the forefront– one on Underwater Peoples, one on OESB, and another on Group Tightener. All of this seems fitting, as last year I remember getting all "I'm obsessed with this. You too?!?!" with all those guys. Something to be said for camaraderie. Anyway, the Twerps are playing their first NYC area show tonight at Glasslands with Family Portrait (Wet Dream lineup), La Big Vic and Chapter Music head Guy Blackman. Peep "Self Assured", which originally appeared on The Report V.II comp and is now featured, in mastered glory, on the UP 7-inch. Word.