Tuesday, March 29, 2011

new: Dana Jewell Wants 7-inch

Make My Heart Burn

Friends are fun. What's even more fun?! When friends put out other friends tunes. Friends!

All kidding aside, friends, this one has been a long time in the making and it's really great to finally have it on the turntable. Olympia, Washington's Dana Jewel is no stranger to Underwater Peoples. The head of Wild Animal Kingdom Records used to play in the live version of surf/jungle band Pill Wonder, and has also been featured on the always enjoyable UP seasonal comps...Hey guys, no pressure, but it's been a few too many seasons without a new one…Just sayin' :)(

Now comes Wants, a collection of heart-felt tunes from a man who might as well be considered the product of a one night stand Jonathan Richman had in the PacNW some twenty years ago. (Imagine if Richman sang about Seattle like he did New England….Oh, New England.) "Wants" the song is the perfect duality of yearning for love, and the subsequent rejection of it. Pain is pleasure, and vice versa? If that fits your fancy, be sure to grip Wants over at the UP web zone.

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