Tuesday, March 22, 2011

new: Troller


Adam from SURVIVE has been a busy man lately. I wasn't in Austin last week, but rumor has it that, in addition to hosting two shows, the dude played 12 shows(!) as part of SURVIVE, Thousand Foot Whaleclaw, and his latest act, Troller, which is a collaboration with fellow Austinite Amber Ormand. Reports from ATX have been intriguing, so was stoked to find Troller had uploaded four tunes to their Soundcloud. What's inside? Synthetic cave recordings accompanied by droning vocals that sound like they were recorded by Paulive Oliveros for the Deep Listening Band. Darkness reigns supreme here, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Peace Dream by Troller ATX

Tiger by Troller ATX


McG said...

more at troller soundcloud

andyhendrix said...

Adam also performed in a new band, Lumens (which is also awesome).

McG said...