Monday, December 14, 2009

old: Iasos- Jeweled Space

"The Valley of Enchimed Peace"

With so much happening in the Peace Age realm right now, its only fitting to look back into the annals of history in order to understand how cosmic ethereal music, branded "new age," for better or worse, had an impact on musics of today. Surely one can hear the celestial chiming of Steve Hillage's Rainbow Dome Music, the beaming rainbow vibes of the early Popol Vuh records and the drifting mid-eastern droning psych of Ash Ra Temple coming through on James Ferraro's Clear, some of the Ducktails material, and Luke Perry, each of whom have taken from, and added to their inter-gallactic forefathers sound. While Luke Perry's alien frequencies often dwell in a more club druggy realm, the dude gives props to Iasos on his MySpace, giving one of the inventors of ethereal vibe music a nod in his top friends list. Often credited as the father of New Age, Iasos's music was described by the psych department at Plymouth State "as being closest to the music heard by people who have had near death experiences." While that migh be frightening, it's actually the opposite. Pure rainbow vibes, crystal beams and crystalline waterfalls, Iasos's Jewelled Space tape was recently featured on Crystal Vibrations, and is exactly what you think a website named Cyrstal Vibrations would post. Enchanting, lush & ultra-ribbed for your listening pleasure, Jewelled Space is the sort of dream catcher chill out that epitomized new age, and subsequently made it cliche. Well worth a listen for anyone dabbling in the spirit realm.

Download this seemingly obscure and long forgotten tape at Crystal Vibrations.

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