Wednesday, December 9, 2009

mp3: Noveller "Rainbows"


Charcoal waves rolling across the the decrepit North Brooklyn Industrial Zone are too glacial to be real, to visible not to be. Uneasy, at best, anxiety confounds, or, rather, frightens. Noveller's Red Rainbow, recently released on No Fun Productions, dwells in this sort of submerged heaven, where fractals of light engulf entire regions, blanketing the spirit realm in a foreboding slate mist reminiscent of the sky over Mt St Helens. A sort of lethal snow, or mystical asbestos. I haven't seen The Road yet, and while Warren Ellis and Nick Cave's score is probably fantastic, I sort of wish Noveller had been given the task, as "Rainbows" and "Brilliant Colors," both from Red Rainbows, could aptly soundtrack the impending doom of the apocalypse and life thereafter.

Noveller- Rainbows


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