Saturday, October 11, 2008

we saw: Of Montreal

"Is It A Solar Fever?"
(Up Close & Personal Photo by Mimi)
Spolier Alert: Kevin Barnes rode a white horse last night at Roseland...literally. That said, if you are going to see Of Montreal in the next couple of weeks and want to leave an air of mystery to the show, which will only enhance your experience, I recommend you don't watch all of these videos. If you were previously thinking about buying a ticket but were on the fence, do it. Immediately. If you've never liked them before and think that Barnes/Fruit is an overdramatic sex obsessed pre-madonna, your right, he is, and one of the best. ever. period. Easily one of the best shows of 2008, no doubt about it. My only complaint is that they sold out of gigantic psychedelic Skeletal Lampings horse posters and 2xLP's, although I'm not surprised, just jealous. Thank god for online merch catalogs.

A Song of Sorts in Kongsvinger@ Roseland

Gronlandic Edit@ Roseland

She's A Rejector@ Roseland


Anonymous said...


"White" horses couldn't drag me away from this blog...and you.


McG Admirer

Anonymous said...


Don't cry because it's over, smile because I admire you.

It ain't over til I say it's over.

McG Admirer

bonitobroth said...

how was Love is All? Really like the new album.

Stuffestuff said...