Friday, October 17, 2008

morning music: Sunnybrook

"Rolling Like A Sunflower Earth"
GvB turned me onto Sunnybrook (what a surprise) earlier in the year when he posted the lovely "Big Waving Hands," which is still one of my favorite songs of 2k8. To be honest, because Sunnybrook doesn't have any released material and is not touring, he sort of fell of my radar. That is until about 6:15 this morning when my computer woke me up to the opening fingerpicks of "Big Waving Hands." I figured now was as good a time as ever to head over to his MySpace and see what's good. Good time too, as Paul North has posted a few other exceptional tunes, all perfect for making coffee and reading the paper on sun soaked mornings. If I were a sunflower, Sunnybrook would be my favorite band. "Big Waving Hands" is below for downloadable consumption, but you also head over to MySpace to hear "Yellow Dronings", "Strangers" and the other songs Paul is sharing, which sort of remind me of what Sigur Ros might sound like if they moved to Nevada City.

Sunnybrook- Big Waving Hands

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Anonymous said...

you are a beautiful soul. may your days be well and your belly full. take care my fellow writer..