Monday, October 13, 2008

Bobkast #17: After Hours

"Everything In Its Right Place"
(Photo by Thomas Hawk)
Saturday nights inevitably end in someone's living room, fresh beers in hand and pizza boxes, with only a few dusty crumbs inside, strewn across coffee tables.

The process begins around two, sometimes earlier, when one feels the itch to 'get the hell out of where ever they are', but doesn't want to end their night with an Irish exit from some god foresaken bar.

Idea! Rally likeminded troops and soldier on toward the closest corner store and the Pizza place (or Diner). Beer in one hand, 'za in the other, the herd moves toward a nearby apartment. They huddle around a dirty coffee table, TV on in the corner, some detective noir on mute. Smokes are smoked, 'za crushed, as brew soothes pizza burnt mouthes (or sits in the open bottle until said apt owner picks it up in the morning, sighs, and pours it down the drain).

Of course, there are tunes, perfect tunes that seem to breathe from barely lit walls. And dancing, on coffee tables, until legs get jello-y and eyes heavy, and the couch calls your name. You sit. Bite off a piece of half-chewed, totally burnt crust, wash it down with a lukewarm, soon-to-be-wounded soldier. You slowly drift off into the ether.

Bobkast #17: After Hours
Amadou & Miriam- Sebali
Cut Copy- Midnight Runner
Outkast- Spottieottiedopaliscious
Radiohead- Everything In Its Right Place
The Duke Spirit- A Message to Pretty (Cousin Cole's Compakt Mix)
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas- Feel AM
M83- Kim & Jessie (Montage remix)
Memory Cassette- Asleep At A Party
Spiritualized- Harmony 6
TV On The Radio- Family Tree
Koushik- Nothing's The Same
M83- Midnight Souls Still Remain

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Anonymous said...

Awesome post McG, but could you please enlighten me? What exactly is an Irish exit? Have you ever pulled this maneuver yourself (or had it done to you, depending on what it is)? It just sounds like something I might want to know about/avoid.

Thanks in advance,

McG said...

Hunter, an Irish exit, or Irish goodbye, is

a)To leave a social event drunk without any recollection of when or how.
Ex: Dude 1: Dude, I don't even know what time I left the wedding. Man was I trashed.
Dude 2: Yeah man, nice Irish exit, nobody knew you even left.

b)More specifically, the irish exit refers to the departure from any event without telling any friends, associates or acquaintances that one is leaving. It is almost always the result of being very inebriated, intoxicated.

Ex2. Man 1. Hey man, where'd you go last night? You just disappeared, did you take a girl home or something?

Man 2. Nah, I got drunk and pulled an irish exit. Uh... happy birthday by the way.

Clifford said...

I didn't realize there was a saying for that....I used to do this all the time when I was single....although interestingly enough I did pull an Irish exit at my sisters wedding, and my very pissed off girlfriend and Marc Guy were there. He was more so confused than pissed off, since he is no stranger to such occaision, although he probably hasn't ditched Emi to date. (can't say for sure though)

I wish I had the Irish exit excuse to make my sloppy drunken exit seem somewhat normal.

McG said...

lets just turn this into a forum for the best Irish Exit stories; I know some of you have some great ones. Bring the heat.

Anonymous said...


I was getting so worried after no posts for nearly 48 hours! How I've missed you so.

So I was thinking that its time that we meet. Maybe you can wear a red and black flannel, short lacrosse shorts and a pink bandanna wrapped around your head. Yum.

Don't ever disappear like that again.

McG Admirer

Anonymous said...

I pulled an Irish exit at a wedding party recently. The one caveat is I somehow returned though, more like and Irish reentry. Apparently I passed out on a bench vomiting, reemerged and found my way back to the bar. No recollection of any of it and the only reason I was able to make it back was because I blacked out before 10. Otherwise it would have been your typical Irish exit. Maybe you've heard of me.

Clifford said...

Nice one anonymous....I also remembered another Irish Exit that involved two SLU kids...Marc Guy and I heard about some now "hot" bar in New Haven that was known for their Martinis, having nothing better to do we decided to pre-game at my place with a bottle of absolut. Marc decided to invite Alex Verron and some friends up from the time they showed up at 10 or 11, Marc and I were sufficiently blacked out. (They didn't seem to happy since it is a 45 minute drive.) I guess I just didn't want to deal with Marc's sober and annoyed friends, so I apparently excused myself to have a smoke, and instead got in a cab. Woke up passed out on the floor in front of my couch, 4 1/2 hours late for work.