Monday, February 22, 2010

new: Pill Wonder "Gone to the Market"

"Can Be A Real Drag"

Like many, my first introduction to Pill Wonder came on the Underwater Peoples Summer comp. Instant standout, like "Holy shit, who are these volatile happy kids spurring out Amazon jawns...Oh, they're from Washington State...Oh, wait, what?? It's only, technically, one dude? Sheee-it." Shortly thereafter I'd see one iteration of the band as they patched themselves together for a collective performance at the Market Hotel this past summer. It was Amazonian hot that night, sweat and all sorts of other chemicals pouring out of overworked pores. I bought a bunch of tapes that night, but not Jungle/Surf. I'm not sure why. A couple more months passed and Pill Wonder, a now seven headed hydra, transported itself through multiple time zones to play CMJ. They were ramshackle nervous, but the honesty, transmitted through smiles, and winks, and the occassional laugh, gave the whole set a fantastical trajectory, a sort of reimagining of a play group from twenty years before, albeit it with instruments/toys and juice/beer. We were out past our bedtimes, but our parents didn't even seem to notice. Peep the video below, then check out the mastered "Gone to the Market" from the upcoming Jungle/Surf vinyl issue on UP. Sawyer's got big things to say about it (bottom of page), 99.436% of which I agree with whole heartedly.

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