Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mp3: Rangers "Out Past Curfew"

"Golden Triangles"

Dripping through the fuzzy permutations of scrambled pay-per-view coitus and haphazard beach wrestling, Rangers "Out Past Curfew" is the coalesced mutation of night visions accompanied by sounds you once heard, for half a second, long ago. A birthing sheep, a bloated motor gurgling oil and the gnarly dirge of your next door neighbor bailing into a mailbox after fucking up a kick-flip. Mini-van's packing Capri Sun roll by, amidst a mess of middle age, middle class, middle management types scrounging for their piece of the American dream. Suburban Tours. Beneath it all, in the mi(d)st, locked away in his bedroom, or perhaps an asylum well-flanked with shit keytars and Tascam four-track recorders, lies Rangers, plugging away at deciphering the code that will reveal the present world is but a mirage covering some sort of twisted 12 Monkeys realm. For more information consult the mastered version of Rangers "Out Past Curfew" and the stellar video for "Deerfield Village" below.

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Rangers- Out Past Curfew