Monday, May 11, 2009

new: White Antelope "Silver Dagger"

"I Can Be Your Bride"
As if you needed another reason, this is why Twitter is great. Robin Pecknold tweets "Silver Dagger / Wild Mountain Thyme" and we get two new songs from the Fleet Foxes/White Antelope. "Silver Dagger" is a fine example of Pecknold channeling Dylan the storyteller, the Blood on the Tracks/Desire-era Dylan, where stories were the center of the song, rather than just a mere aspect of them. Pecknold really hits this one on the money. The other new treat is "Wild Mountain Thyme", which is basically a Jackson Browne-CSNY-Laurel Canyon dream come true. Hit the MySpace asap.

White Antelope- Silver Dagger & Wild Mountain Thyme


Anonymous said...

hi all, hi mgg

i go in holiday in 3 days and i would be so happy if i could hear "silver degger" with my mp3 player

but i cant find it anywhere to download it,

it would be sooo nice if someone could post here a rip...

best regards

Anonymous said...

yeah man, i had the same question and same problem, so i took it upon myself to quest for such a place to find this song to download. i found it at this link and its on my zune right now, real happy about it too. high five!

Anonymous said...

thanks man! great

Anonymous said...

Thanks aswell!!! i love wild mountain thyme