Thursday, May 7, 2009

mix: Sleep

"When You Sleep"

A little over a year ago, as per request by a few readers, I published a second sleep mix. In retrospect, the mix isn't as much as ambient, as it is ethereal, although it does contain incredibly still moments of crystalline wonder. The goal with this mix was to provide a foray into dreams, a sort of Alice in Wonderland/The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe/Coraline portal into a sea of dreams, beginning with Vera November's transcendent cover of Arthur Russell's "Our Last Night Together" and ending in a wash of sea sounds and lilting forest voices, care of White Rainbow's "Awakening." While I don't consider this to be an incredibly well mixed mix, after recently rediscovering it, I truly felt like it accomplished its goal of leading the listener from the drowsy conscious world into the luminous world of dreams.

Sleep Mix
1.Vera November- Our Last Night Together (Arthur Russell Cover)
2. Stars of the Lid- Even if You're Never Awake (Deuxieme)
3. Deerhunter- Red Ink
4. Grizzly Bear- Granny Dinner
5. Japancakes- What You Want (My Bloody Valentine Cover)
6. Taylor Deupree- Untitled 1231
7. Tangerine Dream- Sequent c'
8. Efterklang- Illuminant
9. Johan Johannson- Bao
10. Jonny Greenwood- Prospectors Arrive
11. Klimex- The Ice Storm
12. White Rainbow- Awakening

Sleep Mix


Will said...

You lazy bastard.... I thought this would be a new one, but it's the 08 shit, I need that 09 sleep mix sucka

Artog said...

That's an interesting picture up there, where's it from?